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Roofs need resistance to challenges like harsh weather, temperature, chemicals and fire. Sanitary areas too face conditions of high humidity, temperature, growth of mould and mildew. Dow Plumbing & Roofing Sealant is a moisture curing one-part neutral cure silicone rubber sealant that is ideal for both roofing and sanitary purposes. Common applications include sealing sheet metal and aluminum roofing, flashing, guttering, wall cladding and rainwater accessories. And also, around bathrooms, laundry sinks, ceramic tiles, vitreous china enamel painted surfaces, etc.

DOWSIL™ 688 Glazing and Cladding Sealant
₹4,920.00 ₹9,000.00
In Stock
DOWSIL™ Sanitary and Tile Silicone Sealant
₹4,536.00 ₹9,600.00
In Stock
DOWSIL™ Neutral Plus Silicone Sealant
₹3,515.00 ₹7,800.00
In Stock