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Dow Glass & Glazing Sealants are high performance neutral cure silicone sealant designed for a wide range of glass and ceramic material adhesion and weather-sealing, glazing and professional trade applications. Common applications include glass adhesion and sealing for both residential and industrial purposes - glass cabinet, glass window and door, indoor and outdoor breaking, shop-window decoration, shop fronts, skylights, and internal fixture and fittings.

DOWSIL™ 795 Structural Glazing Sealant
₹10,100.00 ₹18,000.00
In Stock
DOWSIL™ 995 Silicone Structural Sealant
₹4,608.00 ₹9,000.00
In Stock
DOWSIL™ Glass Silicone Sealant
₹4,776.00 ₹9,600.00
In Stock